Creating a Contact Sheet in Adobe Bridge

  1. Select the images you want for the contact sheet
  2. Then, go to output tab, choose 4×5 template and change paper to letter size.
  3. Next, grab the selected images from content tab (usually located on the middle bottom panel) and drag them into the template.
  4. The images will fill in the square panels. Look over on the right panel, make sure the filename box is checked.
  5. Find the Header and Footer panel. Check the box for header, then add your name_the project name_date
  6. Scroll down a little to find insert page number box. Make sure the page number and name are not overlapping.
  7. Finally, click on the box “export to PDF”
  8. Save PDF in your project folder for class.
  9. Name the contact sheet Your Name_Project name_contact sheet
Making a contact sheet in Bridge.

Contact Sheet in Photoshop

Students can also try making a contact sheet in Photoshop. Use the click above from the Adobe website. You can also use the video below to get instructions.

Making a contact sheet in Photoshop