Catch the Action

Catch the Action: Shutter speed Assignment

This project will include 30 images on a contact sheet(s), 10 images on the template, and 3 printed images from the final 10 images, when we get back to school. Very Important! Set your camera to high Resolution JPEG. We will use Pixlr to edit photos.

Step One: Reading and Exploring Technique

For this project students will explore several different exposure techniques for fast and slow shutter speeds. Click on the the term below to understand how to do the shutter speed technique as well as how it should look.

Shutter Speed Techniques

Read the Pdf on Action Photography.

Then create a journal entry in a google document.

Step Two: Research and develop concept (Contact Sheets)

Also, students will develop a concept for their slow shutter process.

Here are some topics that you can explore for this project:

Sport Photography

Night Photography

Photography Drawing


Once students have a concept, they will research a photographer that art work fits their idea. Make sure to add details about your artist and at least 3 examples of their art work.

Proposals must include:

Description of your concept (detailed)

Why are you interested in this concept?

How are you going to complete this project?  Where are you going to go to shoot images?

Reference Artist’s information: Name, basic history of the artist (location, education, etc.), artist’s process, and 3 examples of artwork including title and year.

Step Three:Exploring the shutter and capturing motion. (Contact Sheets)

Use the reading and video above to create your own series of action photography. This is you going out to take photos on your concept from step two. Save images in google drive photography folder labeled Action Photography.

First contact sheet should include different camera techniques discussed in step 1. The second contact sheet should include images that focus more on the concept or theme that is based off of artist reference.


Step three: Editing your images.

After uploading them to google drive, use the tools practiced in class to edit your images. Then, place your favorite 10 images onto the template with your name and title.

Step four: Artist Reflection

You will create a short two paragraph artist statement for this project.  See the link Artist Statement for instructions.

Describe your concept and process. What did you find interesting about this project and concept?  What were some challenges in this project?