POV Assignment

Example POV of one subject (person, place, or thing)

Point of View= POV

The French photographer Eugene Atget returned many times to the same place to re-photograph. He did this because he knew that it would always be different- the light, the weather, the season, and the subject itself would age and change.


Check out the Powerpoint below and explore your world.

Step 1: research and shooting

The Goal is to photograph one subject in different points of view.

Look for the Following POV:

  • Worm’s Eye
  • Bird’s Eye
  • Consider Shadow as Subject
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Frame within a Frame
  • Repetition/Perspective
  • Close-up detail
  • Tilt the Camera and Fill the Frame

8 photographs with a variety of different sizes on an 18x 24 inch canvas. All images should have even white edges, color balanced, and be edited for best photo quality. Shot at least 40 images (2 contact sheets) explore the subject (person, place, or thing).

Step 2: Editing your photographs and placing them on a template.

Rubric for Project —-> 🙂

The photos will be collaged together to create a story of the place or subject.

Step 3: Adding image to weebly and writing an artist statement.

Artist Statement:

Type in your weebly below images for this project. Check your grammar and make sure to write 3-4 complete sentences for each section.

Describe: What is the viewer looking at in this series of artwork? Describe your one subject and the different angles you shot the subject.

Analyze: Using photography and art vocabulary, discuss how your images explore the elements of art and the quality of the prints.

Interpret: What is the meaning of the series of photographs? What was your process? Discuss your theme or concept here.

Judgment: Explain your challenges and successes throughout this project. What did you learn in this project?