Photoshop Short Cuts and Tools

  • ZOOM In and Out= com +  and com –
  • Brush Size= {  small   } big
  • Undo= com +z
  • Undo more than once= com +option+Z
Free TransformControl + TCommand + T
Toggle between painting and erasing with the same brush Hold down ` (grave accent)Hold down ` (grave accent)
Decrease Brush Size[[
Increase Brush Size]]
Decrease Brush Hardness{{
Increase Brush Hardness}}
Rotate the brush tip by 1 degreeLeft Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Right Arrow (clockwise) 
Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Right Arrow (clockwise)
Rotate the brush tip by 15 degreesShift + Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)
Shift + Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)
Default Foreground/Background colorsDD
Switch Foreground/Background colorsXX
Fit layer(s) to screenAlt-click layerOption-click layer
New layer via copyControl + JCommand + J
New layer via cutShift + Control + JShift + Command + J
Add to a selectionAny selection tool + Shift-dragAny selection tool + Shift-drag
Delete brush or swatchAlt-click brush or swatchOption-click brush or swatch
Toggle auto-select with the move toolControl-clickCommand-click
Close all open documents other than the current documentCtrl + Alt + PCommand + Option + P
Cancel any modal dialog window (including the Start Workspace)EscapeEscape
Select the first edit field of the toolbarEnterReturn
Navigate between fieldsTabTab
Navigate between fields in the opposite directionTab + ShiftTab + Shift
Change Cancel to ResetAltOption

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