Landscape Digital Photography

Church of Rodel, Outer Hebrides

What makes a Landscape?

Time is the most important investment you can make in getting good landscape pictures. When you arrive in a place you’ve never visited before, spend time scouting—driving or hiking to different locations, finding different vantage points.- Robert Caputo (National Geographic Photographer)

Tips from National Geographic

Surefire Landscape Photography Tips.

Powerpoint for this assignment: Landscape Photography

Chapter reading: Chapter 9 Seeing like the camera Landscape

Landscape Assignment; Photograph with one of these categories in mind. Work in the “Series” concept.

Topic can include:

  • Divine Intervention
  • Abstract Landscape
  • Industrial Landscape
  • Propaganda in Landscape
  • Form and Symbolism (Poetry of Space)

Brainstorming/Research: Before you start this project think about which topic you are interesting in exploring.  Also, ask yourself “what is a landscape?” Type up a short proposal for this project. 

  • Find a Photographer that fits your idea for the project.  Copy and paste three examples of her art work.
  • Answer questions: Why did you choose this artist? Why are these images interesting to you. 
  • Explain your plan:  What is your concept? How are you going to reach this goal? When are you going to go out shooting?  Where will you go?

Type this up and turn in for points. (10pts possible)

1 ) You will need 10 digital images for a grade and two contact sheets(at least 20  new shots per sheet).

All 10 images for grade must be on the photo  8.5×11 inch photo template (see the google classroom or download here). In Lightroom or bridge, Flag your top 10 images by marking them Green or 5 stars.  Make your reject images red.

Select one of your 10 images and convert to either a black and white with the hand color concept or turn the image into a sepia tone, duo tone or quad tone.

 2) 3 prints will be printed. 

Some topics can include heavy photoshop editing, others can be light editing in Lightroom.

 3) You will create a short two paragraph artist statement for this project.  See the link Artist Statement for instructions.

Include the following details in you artist statement:

  • Describe your concept
  • What is a landscape?
  • What inspired you?
  • What was your process?
  • What successes or disappointments did you face in this project?


Landscape Rubric