Final Project

Independent Photography Series


  • Students will learn how to develop a concept in photography independently.
  • Students will practice researching skills in photography practice.
  • Students will explore the process of creating a photo essay.
  • Students will examine presenting their research and practice to the class.
  • Students will learn how to scan their film into a digital image.

The independent final project gives you the chance to explore a topic or technique in greater depth. You get to choose the concept and the medium. You will explore other photographers online. If you are not sure what you would like to do for the final photography series, visit the link below to get some ideas or visit your favorite art social media site, like Deviant Art or Pinterest.

The Independent photo essay will be your final project will include 10 digital images photographs plus an artist statement.  Including a presentation of resource photographers that you researched for your project.

You will use digital SLR camera. Also, consider all the techniques and projects in class this semester: point of view, panning, long exposure, bracketing, HDR, and more.

If you need some ideas go to the library or search the web.

Creating a short photo essay series, here is a link of ideas

Part 1: Make a presentation of a photographer that inspires you and shares the same topic that you want to photograph for the final project.

Submit your project to google classroom assignment: Step 1: Research and Presentation.

PowerPoint or Pages presentation of your research artist

The Presentation will be 5 minutes, and will include at least 1 artist. You will research the artist getting to know their history as well as their artwork.

You will gather the following information for your research photographer:

  1. Life span
  2. Education
  3. Lived and worked
  4. Background behind their body of work (art series) This can be part of the Artist Statement or thesis for the photographer.
  5. 5 examples of their work, including title, date, and medium of the image.
  6. What do you hope to create in this project? (Your Theme and concept) How will you capture your subject? What is your goal over the next several weeks when photographing the subject.
  7. Last slide must include a resource page.

Use the library and Internet to research artists that reference your photo essay idea. Presentation is worth 50 points it will count under the Quiz and Statement category.

Example of Presentation to help with brainstorming:

Ansel Adams

Patrick Zephyr

Part 2: Photograph Quality and imagery:

You will be evaluated by your ability to choice images that have good subjects that fit your idea and the print quality of the image. You will make at least 2 contact sheets that include 40 digital images total. Contact sheets must contain images that fit your concept for the final project. If something happens and you only have distorted digital images or lack the minimum, you are required to go out and shot again. The more images you have to choose from the better.

The finished Final Project will have 10-15 images on a template with short artist statement.

Part 3: Statement

This is the final artist’s statement and it will be different than the others. The statement needs to cover three topics your concept and process, inspiration, and judgment.

Concept and Process- What was your idea? Explain in detail. What is your process in creating your series of photographs.

Inspiration– What inspired you to make this final photo series? Discuss your reference artist and how they influenced your artwork?

Judgment- What were your success and challenges? What did you learn in this project? How do you feel about creating a series of work independently?