“What is in your day?” Video

In this quick project, students will gather 1 second from every waking hour in their day. It can be fact or fiction. This project is based on 1-second everyday project. The video footage collected will be used to learn the basics in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Using the Creative Process, create a video that reflects your daily routine or what you wish your routine was.

Step 1 Discover :

Essential Questions

What is your daily routine? What is important to you in your everyday? Who are the people or animals that take part in your day?


Let’s explore 1 second every day for inspiration.

Step 2 Define:

Go out and collect data and/or video footage for the project. Have footage saved to the google classroom Step 2 Define: collecting footage by next class.

Step 3 Design and Develop:

Students will explore the basics of premiere pro. We will do this together in class, but if you want some extra help or review outside of class check out the Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

Step 4 Deploy:

Students will export their final video to their youtube accounts. It will be saved as a High-Quality 720p. Link for extra help for quick export. In youtube, label your video unlisted and share your link to google classroom and add it to your weebly site.