Stop Motion

Video Assignment- Stop Motion

Objective:  Students will create a 30 second to 1 minute Stop Motion video.  They will have to develop a theme and create a storyboard for the video.  Images for video must be captured with a DSLR camera. Music, title, and credits need to be included with the video production.  The theme is open, but research several stop-animation videos that inspire you and add them to your proposal.

Step 1 Brainstorming and sketching out a storyboard:


 Using storyboard template and proposal form. Research and plan out your concept. Share with me on your google video 1 folder.

Draw in your ideas for the beginning, middle, and ending for your video.  The stop animation will be a silent video, with music. You will also have to plan out the music with the frames of the video.

Need some inspiration:

Step 2 Shooting Photographs for Stop Animation:

  • Once you have an idea, you will create a background, and collect your subjects.  The lighting must stay the same, and it is very important to never move the your camera. Using a tripod is important but if you don’t have one, try your best to keep the camera in the same spot.

Image quality and settings: Jpeg, High Resolution or HDR.

The Frame per second will be 12. That means you will have 12 photos to represent a second at least. Once you get moving and working on it, the photos session will go quickly.

Here are some great tips from: Justin Clayden from Stop Motion Photography and a video teacher in Wake County, NC
Demonstration on making a stop motion video.

Step 3 UPLOADING IMAGES and Editing:

Upload images to a folder in your Video 1 folder on google drive. Use the tutorials below to help with your stop motion. You can do this on your phone, ipad, or computer. The tutorials show stop motion using iMovie and Premiere Pro. Use what you have at home to make the video.

Premiere Pro Tutorial

Another Premiere Pro Example Tutorial
Here is my imovie tutorial on make a stop motion video.

Step 4 uploading to youtube and placing on weebly:

When you are finished, upload the video to your you tube site. Then, copy the video link and insert it into your weebly site. Make sure to push the publish button on the top right hand corner on your weebly site.

Step 5 Reflection of Work:

Type the reflection in a document.  Place it in your Weebly.  The reflection should be four short paragraphs.


  • What exactly do you see? Describe your video.
  • What are the facts (visual points in the video)?


  • How are the things you described related to each other? How does the music, background, and subject work together?
  • How are the things you described working (or not working) together?
  • What elements of art are used? How are they used?


  • What is the artist trying to communicate?
  • How does this make you feel?
  • What does this work make you think of?


Is it successful? Why?Why not?

Explain your thoughts about your final work in detail.