News Story

OBJECTIVE: Students will create a 2.5-3 minute news story on an issue of their choice.  The story can be real or fiction. The video should have a title, transitions, information text, interviews, and credits. The


  1. Research different types of news stories. Maybe look at what you like to see in the news. What are some important issues going on right now in the news? Make sure to add your news idea and resources to the proposal.
  2. You are going to write the script for the news story. First, read through your news article. Highlight the facts (What, where, who, how, and why) Using your research reference, you will write an intro, body(this part will include interviews or speakers), and closing. Guides to writing a script: or
  3. Use this template writing the script.
  4. Video your video using your camera, phone, or iPad.  Make sure the video quality is high, and you have enough light.
  5. Think about techniques used during this semester. Green Screen, frame in a frame, close-up, mid or half body shot, bird’s eye, and worm’s eye.
  6. Edit your video in iMovie.  Make sure to add transitions in the beginning, middle, and ending.  The credits should have produced by (your name) and date.
Ideas for News Stories
How to write a news Story

Objective for project: Students will write their own news script based on a current event. They will use techniques and skills practiced during this semester. The videos will be graded on creativity, craftsmanship (good video and audio quality), theme, and technique.

Finished Video- Upload Video to youtube and add it to your weebly.

Add a short Artist Statement below the video. The Statement should have your inspiration, process, and your judgment. The statement should be four paragraphs.

Description: Overview of the whole video. Include details about what the viewer will see in the video from beginning to end (5 sentences at least)

Inspiration/Interpretation: How did you develop this concept? Why inspired you? What do you hope the viewer with understand and/or enjoy in the video? Yes, the video will see it through their experiences, and the goal of a news story is to inform. Why did you make the decisions you did in your process? (5 sentences at least)

Analyze: Lighting, camera angles, special effects… Look at the techniques were applied in making the video. Explain how you used them to make your news story? How were the elements and principles of art also applied in this video? Not all of them will be used, try to focus of two from each group. (6 sentences at least)

Judgment: After completing this video and taking a moment to reflect on your work, explain the challenges and successes you had in creating it. What did you enjoy about making this video? Explain. (4 sentences at least