Movie Trailer or Book Plot Synopsis

For this project, students will create a narrative movie trailer or a book plot synopsis. This will be your final project for video 1. It should highlight the skills and techniques practiced in class this semester. Students will use stock footage (royalty free) and their own B roll film footage to create the video. The audio must be a mixture of narration, music, and sound effects. It needs to follow a theme and engage the viewer emotionally.

This video must cover the whole plot in a 60 second video.

Step 1:

Research a movie. On a google doc, write a proposal based on a movie trailer that you would like to re-create. It can follow the same genre and style or you can get creative with the genre and style. For example the movie trailer can make the movie Mary Poppins seem like a horror film. In the proposal, make sure to copy and paste in the actual movie trailer link. Also, explain why you choose this movie.

Jurassic Park Student Example
Student Example Forrest Gump

Step 2:

Gathering Video

This is the fun part. Find a space to create your video. It can be like an movie trailor or you talking about the movie with clips popping up as you speak about it. The challenge will be editing the video content to 60 seconds. You can also use to make the video.

Students can also use royalty-free sites like to make the video. All video clips that are not original should have the artist’s name, title of video/image, and year. This also goes for music too, all music should have the Artist’s Name, Title of the song, and date. Points will be taken off if the credits don’t have proper cited sources.

Make sure you came upload your video clips to the computer. Using google drive or attached cord to computer and share through photos app.

(NOTE: If you are going to talk about a movie it can be a frame in a frame like a news story)

Step 3:

Editing the Video

Using the video editing software that you have on your computer import all you clips and audio to the program. If you have a Apple device, you can use iMovie. If you have a Window operating computer, then you can use Microsoft video editor or media player to edit. Both the video programs are similar to each other.

When finished with your editing save file and upload to your Youtube channel as unlisted.

Step 4:

Artist Statement

Describe: What is the viewer looking at in the video? Explain the video as if you are telling someone over the phone what you are watching.

Analyze: How are the elements and principles of art being applied to the film?  What angles are being used and why?  How and where did you apply special effects? (Don’t know the elements and principles of art google them or look at my link on the website.)

Interpretation: What is the story or concept of the view?  Explain the plot and characters inside of the video.

Judgment: After viewing the final video, what are your thoughts and feelings about the video? Explain in detail your thoughts about your process and final product.

Place your statement and video onto your weebly. Push publish when complete.