Making a Music Video

Create your own Music Video

Objective: In this project, students will explore creating a video with transitions and several different camera angles.  Using a DSLR or phone camera, you will record a video without sound. Use a tripod when recording in order to not have camera shake.

Videos Must include: Title (Artist name and song), original video footage, green screen/ultra keying video effect applied to some place in the video, clear MP3 music file that is at least 3 minutes in length, variety of camera angles (see below step one), and credits (see below for details).

Step 1

Brainstorming and Researching: Create a storyboard including the camera angles and transitions for a music video based on some concept/theme of your choice. Try to not just copy the original music video concept. Make your own or have a unique twist.  Research music videos that inspire you.  

Step 2

Gathering video

Students can also use royalty-free sites like to make the video.

All video clips that are not your original footage should be referenced in the credits. Make sure to give credit to your online sources include the artist’s name, the title of video/image, and year.

This also goes for music, using music in the video, students need to add the Artist’s Name, Title of the song, and date in the credits. Points will be taken off if not correctly cited.

Students will have class time to record and gather video footage for their music video. Students may have to record video footage outside of class too, so plan ahead.


Name of Song and Artist (it can be a solid color frame or be placed over video).Camera Angles for this project: Worm’s or Bird’s eyeTilt the cameraClose-upZoom from wide to closeWide-angleFull bodyWaist up


  • Actors names and character names
  • Directed by
  • Edited by
  • Music Title and Musician’s Name
  • Royalty-Free videos must have sources added to credits.

“Name of Video” by “Artist’s name” from

Example: Balloon Video by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Example of preparing and creating a music video:

Step 3

Editing your Video

Tutorials from Adobe Premiere Pro:

Edit a music video

Learn some more tools in Premiere Pro

Video quality will be graded on: 

  • Originality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Video flow and timing with music
  • Ultra Keying Effect

See Premiere Pro tutorials page for music video techniques practiced in class.

When the video is complete, save as a file and upload to your Youtube channel as an UNLISTED VIDEO.  Update your Weebly with video and complete Artist statement below. Also, add to your Weebly below your video link.

Step 4:

Artist Statement

Describe: What is the viewer looking at in the video? Explain the video as if you are telling someone over the phone what you are watching.

Analyze: What was your process in creating the video (filming and editing)?  What angles are being used and why?  How and where did you apply special effects?

Interpretation: What is the story or concept of the view?  Explain the plot and characters inside of the video.

Judgment: After viewing the final video, what are your thoughts and feelings about the video? Explain in detail your thoughts about your process and final product.