Keying Effect and using a green screen

In this lesson, students will learn how to use the ultra key in premiere pro to create a green screen effect practice video.

Example of how the green screen and ultra key effect is applied in action movies.

Great blog on using the green screen effect.

Students will use Royalty-Free video footage that is recorded in the studio using green screen.

Pexal is one of my favorite stock photo and video site.

How to record green screen footage

Setting up the backdrop, is easy! Hang up a sheet or use a solid color wall. Make sure the subject has different color clothing on than the background. Record video footage so the whole subject is in the frame.

The lighting should be balanced and no wrinkles in the fabric if possible.

Applying Ultra Key effect in Premiere Pro

Using Photoshop to create a background.

This is an option too. Also, just good to know for future projects