Demonstration Video

In this project, students will create a 4-5 minute video that demonstrates a step-by-step process. The topic can be cooking, crafts, or something active in which the person in your video needs show the process.

Jamie Oliver example
  • Video a mixture of video angles and shots based on practice in class.
  • Introduction transition and credits
  • List of Materials clip
  • Music and natural sounds from demo.
  • Subject speaking how to create the final product


  1. Research demonstration videos. Going to Vimeo or Youtube to find how-to videos that you find interesting. Think about what you want to create in your video. Note: You can be the star in your video or have other actors star in your video.
  2. Fill out a proposal and storyboard for your demonstration video idea. Make sure you make a timeline include dates and plans for inside and outside of class.
  3. GO out and Film! Take a tripod and phone mount. Record video and bring in video footage to edit in class. (Think about a variety of camera angles and shots)
  4. Open iMovie or Adobe Rush: Import your video footage.
  5. On the timeline include a Title, transitions, introduction, body, final product shot, and credits. Also, make sure you have a mixture of audio: speaking instructions and music.
  6. The video should include L and J cuts, fade, and black out transitions as we discussed in class.
  7. Export video to youtube and your google drive. Upload to Weebly site and add an artist statement.