OBJECTIVE: Students will create a 1 minute commercial based on the theme of their choice.  The commercial can be a Public Service Announcement (PSA). The video should have a title, transitions, information text, music, and credits. The topic should be something you truly care about in our community.

Use the Ad council to get ideas and brainstorm.


  1. Research commercials that you find interesting.  What do you like about them?  What effect or technique could you use in your video.  Make a proposal for your commercial video.

In this challenge, you will use a tripod and phone mount to capture the following shots and camera angles around the school campus. 

Challenge: Your Client is making a new PSA commercial video about an issue in our community. The video needs to have an insider view of the school and have a creative style. The video will be 1 minute and need to cover the overall “feeling” of an important topic to people 15-20 years old.

Video your video using your camera, phone, or iPad.  Make sure the video quality is high, and you have enough light.  Then, find music that will fit the feeling of your commercial.  Make sure it influences the viewer.  The commercial should make the viewer want to take action in some way.

Create a b-roll clip of the following camera angles and shots. About 10-15 seconds of each. 

  • PAN: a horizontal axis of the camera movement. The camera movement covers a wide panorama that doesn’t fit within the camera frame. Use to follow characters or vehicles or show a landscape.
  • TILT: a vertical axis of a camera movement. Commonly used to look over tall objects or follow characters in motion.
  • DOLLY TRACKING SHOT:   movement of the camera as if you were walking without the jiggle.
  • ZOOM: using the zoom option on the camera to get close up without moving the camera.
  • LOW-ANGLE SHOT: A shot filmed down low, often looking up at the subject
  • FOLLOW SHOT: A shot in which the camera follows the subject
  • FREEZE FRAME: A shot that results from repeating the same frame so the subject appears frozen
  • FULL SHOT:  A long shot that captures the subject’s entire body head to toe
  • EYE LEVEL SHOT: A shot of the subject at eye level
  • FLASH: A very brief shot, often for shock effect
  • HEAD-ON SHOT: A shot where the action comes directly at the camera

3. Edit your video in Premere Pro.  Make sure to add transitions in the beginning, middle, and ending.  

4. The credits should have produced by (your name) and date.Finished Video- Upload Video to youtube and add it to your weebly.

Add a short Artist Statement below the video. The Statement should have your inspiration, process, and your judgement. The statement should be no more than a paragraph or two. See the Artist Statement tab to get examples.