A Personal Digital Story

For this project students will create a digital short film about themselves. It is a moving self-portrait with sound. It can be a mixture of still and moving images. The main goal is to develop your storytelling skills as well as learning some basic skills in iMovie.

Example of personal digital short story
Student Example

Objectives for this project:

  • Students will create a 2-4min video that includes an intro, body, and ending.
  • Students will explore the fundamentals of iMovie video editing software.
  • Students will examine how to develop a storyline and capture video footage to match the storyboard.
  • Students will learn some cinematography techniques to create a more interesting flow to the video.
  • Students will explore mixing video and still photography together to create a short film.
  • Student will understand video and audio file formats to import into while editing and understand how to export video.

Project Guidelines:

  • Create a 2-4 minute video.
  • Must include a personal story of yourself (it can be general or focus on one topic).
  • Include still images and video clips.
  • Audio- music and narrative.
  • Title and credits.

Rubric for Project:

Step 1: Research and Development