PSA (Public Service Announcement) Poster

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PSA- Public Service Announcement

What is a PSA?

A public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad, are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

Project Details:

This will be a hybrid online project, with 3 synchronous Sessions. The first class will be an introduction on the project and will be done Teacher-Learner format as a synchronous Zoom meeting. Then, the next class will be working with another student during class time to research and create a rough. Students will make a flip grid of their poster idea. Then, class will meeting in another synchronous session to explore Photoshop together as a class. A video will be made for students to view techniques afterclass. Then, students will work independently to create their posters in Photoshop. Teacher will be available to help with technology and software issues as well as help with giving feedback on design issues. Teacher and students will come back together to share work and learn how to create add work to digital portfolio and write artist statement. Students will have time to work together in break out groups on statement and adding image to the Weebly site.

Timeline: 2 weeks or 5 classes (84 minute classes)

Description: This project is designed to assist students with the online learning platform google classroom, practice digital citizenship, apply knowledge from Art 1, and develop creative thinking skills. The skills in this project will help students understand how to use the creative thinking process to create, develop digital information literacy skills as well as visual communication skills.

Connections to Communities of Inquiry:

Social Presence:

Teaching Presence:

Cognitive Presence:


  • Students will apply the Creative Process to create the poster.
  • Students will strengthen their digital literacy and digital citizenship skills by researching with other students to read media and analyze digital media.
  • Students will understand how to add data and cite their sources on a graphic.
  • Learners will apply their knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Art to create a visually interesting composition.
  • Learners will explore how to create a contact sheet of images in Photoshop.
  • Students will examine the fundamentals of Photoshop including adding color, fill, layers, adjustments, cutting, and pasting a section of an image.
  • Learners will explore file formats, resolution, and color modes to print and save the poster for the web.
  • Students will create a digital portfolio and artist statement to self-critique and reflect on their process and final product.

Step 1-3: Google Slide Presentation

Step 4: Develop the Design

Click on step by step instructions in case you get lost or want to work on it at your own pace. ipod PSA ad directions

Step 5: Critique and Sharing Work

Artist Statement: Evaluation form for Project: PSA Poster evaluation