Practice to Digital Painting

Free drawing the skull:


Project Description:

1)    Find a skull image that has a good image quality or use my example .  Place it in an 8×11 inch size  canvas

2)    Play with a variety of paintbrush sizes and types using the drawing tablet only.  Make the skull image a template layer.

3)    On a new layer called drawing, start drawing the skull using paintbrush tool only and make be created using the drawing tablet.

4)    Add as much detail as possible to make a very intricate contour line drawing.


5) It can be in any color, but it needs to be monochromatic. This means one color using only white or black in the color.
For example- Red is the main color. You can only add white or black, so you can make pinks and dark reds. Tints are when you add white to a color.  Shades are when you add black to a color.

color wheel

First, create a new layer, titled “painting.” Make an example of your color scheme and label it on the side on the drawing.  Make a value scale using your colors and map out where the values are located on the drawing.

Intro tutorial-

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