Package Design

 HOMEWORK: Bring in a template or actual product container to redesign, plus three product design artists that inspire you and a company that you want to design for this project. The product must be travel size or no larger than your hand.

Design Process:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Research all aspects of the problem and gather facts.

    Research Project Guide Worksheet.

  3. Separate the problem into smaller tasks. Create sketches that work with your project research guide. Decide Colors, style, and layout.
  4. Develop and test potential ideas. (3 Rough ideas)
  5. Allow for a gestation period, letting your ideas “live on  their own.”
  6. Commit to on idea and finalize it.
  7. Evaluate the results.

Links for this project:


Presentation of Product Design


Part One of Package design:

In this project, you will design a food package for a company of your choice or an imaginary company.  The first step is to research and create some rough ideas.  Look at some design ideas here:



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1) Practice this tutorial before you practice your idea:

Text review look over your notes and chapter 14: creating artistic text (missing manual).

The chapter on Text for Photoshop CC overview

 Practice 3d tools-  Link to Tutorial also:

2)  Designing your label:  Use the Photoshop techniques and tools that have been practiced in the past and present classes.  This project will be more like an independent project, which we will discuss the progress of the project several times before the due date.

Tea Box
Twinings Tea Package Example from Pinterest

3) Checklist for Design a product label.  Ask the following questions during the whole process of creating your product design:

  • What other company labels or artist(s) am I looking at to create the label?
  • Does the color scheme have unity?
  • Is my canvas the correct size for the final printed product?
  • Do I have all product information (ex: UPC scan code, FDA nutrition, ingredients, QR code, warning labels…)?
  • Are all my word spelled correctly?
  • Does the fonts style fit the product?
  • Who am I selling too, and does the design work visually?



Using your research project guide information, type your artist statement and place it below your image gallery (two images for this product flat template and folded label form). Each Section should be 4 or more sentences.

Describe: Describe your product in detail using your research guide.

Analyze: How did you apply the elements and principles of art in your design? What was your color scheme? (how did you come up with the color scheme?) Use your sketchbook as a reference.

Interpret: This is your sales pitch. Who is your audience? Where will this be sold? What is the company? How did you decide on a product? Explain your process and journey of thought to the final product design?

Judgment: Finally, what are your thoughts and constructive opinions about your final product design? Discuss your challenges and successes. Overall, how did the final design fold into a form?