Mind Mapping (Project 1)

Class Objectives:

  • Students will learn the procedure and expectations of the class.
  • Students will understand how to email instructor and use dropbox.
  • Students will explore opening and saving canvas in Photoshop.
  • Students will examine cutting and selection tools to remove or use a small part of an image.
  • Students will examine file formats used in Photoshop.

Class one:

  • Discussion on “What is Digital Imaging?”
  • Folders for Classwork on server.
  • Saving work and file formats.

Project Description: Mind mapping and Photoshop basics

The first part of this project you will learn how to copy and save work to the server and Dropbox.

1)    Brainstorm images, colors, shapes that describe you and the way you see the world.

Lesson and Student Examples of Mind-mapping

Use your images and no more than 20% images from the internet. (don’t get used to using internet images, next class you will bring your own images.)

2)    Using the Lasso, move, copy, cut, paste, painting tools, and etc:  you will create a visual map of yourself.

3) Your artwork should include at least 3 Element and Principles of Art.


elements-of-art1 principles of Design

Artist Reflection: Answer the following questions to reflect on your process. Please, copy and paste the questions below to a Word document, then type in your responses.

  1. Describe in detail what the viewer is seeing in the image. (pretend the viewer can’t see the image.)
  2. Analyze your art process:  What elements and principles of design did you use?  What techniques in Photoshop did you use to make the design have visual literacy?
  3. Interpretation of the Image: Who are you?  What do you like, and why?  What is the story of your image?
  4. Evaluation:  What do you think about the artwork?  What is successful in the image? What did you enjoy and learn from this project?  What were some challenges you had in the project?

RUBRIC for mind-map project: MIND MAP RUBRIC

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