Logos and Branding (Illustrator)

Objective: In this project, student will be challenged with creating a logo for a client that is looking for a logo for her holiday candy. It needs to fit the brand style and packaging. Use the Creative Process to create the logo.

2) Define: Now that you have research. Sketch out 10 quick thumbnails of ideas for the client’s new design. The sketches will be created on your sketchpad. Submit to part one: Research and brainstorming.

Here are some examples of sketches for a project I did for a Baltimore Neighborhood looking to create a sign and brand for the community.

  1. Discover: What is the creative problem?

Creative Challenge: Ms. Cook Therapy is looking for a holiday candy label that is non-denominational and will be sold in the North American region.

Students will research and problem-solve candy labels and the client. Look for three different candy companies that compare to this client. Save label information by saving images to a google doc. Submit to part one: Research and brainstorming.

Example of Label and Package.
Example of Client Logo
Packaging for Candy. Two sizes 5 and 10 oz. bags.

Step 2: Define

In this step of the creative process, students will narrow down what they feel is the top three designs. You would normal present the top three options to your client. They can choice from the top three designs.

You will create these top three designs in Illustrator. They can be rough.

This is example of designs made for Hollins Market’s Logo and branding.

In this step, students will explore the basics of Illustrator. Take a photo of your sketches, place them in a new illustrator artboard.

Use the pen, paintbrush, pathfinder, and shape tool to create the design roughes.

Step 3: Review and Finalize the Logo

Now that you have created some roughs logo in illustrator. Students will submit their final logo after mid-critique and final edits.

Save image to your weebly as a jpeg.

Step 4: Artist’s Statement

Add you final logo image and statement to Weebly.