Client Logo Project (FINAL PROJECT)

This will be your final project in Digital Arts 1.  You will be designing a logo and flyer/webpage for your client.  Your client will be one of the students from Business class with Ms. Wilson.

OBJECTIVE: Students will create a logo, app, and website front page for one of the Business venues projects.



1) Your Homework is to brainstorm and research your logo idea.  Research 5 logos that fit your style and inspire you.

2) In your sketchbook or ipad create three detailed rough drawings of your logo.  Will you use shape with your initials or just have a classic monogram.

3) Bring you sketches into next class and we will develop one of them into your final artwork. The client gets to choose the out of the three roughs.

4) In class: Use Photoshop or Illustrator to create the final logo.  You will use all skills developed in class this semester.

5) Once you have a finished logo, you will ask your client if they would like a flyer or a webpage for the business item.  To create a flyer and website: you will need to research flyers and website like your clients company.

6) Next, plan the layout, color scheme, and images that will be needed.

7) The webpage must have the following items: contact info, logo,

information about the company (what they do), at least three images on the page.



RUBRIC: digital-project-rubic-generaldigital-project-rubic-general