Branding Sign Making (Illustrator)

Objective: In this project, students will create new recycling, trash, and/or “don’t litter” signs for the Key School campus. The client wants a simple one-color sign that will be cut out of vinyl and stuck to a metal can or sign.

Basic Design for Sign with Color.
Creative Signage

2) Define: Now that you have researched sketch out your idea. Sketch out 3 whole page sketches of sign ideas for the client. The sketches will be created in your sketchpad. Submit to part one: Research and brainstorming.

Here are some examples of sketches for a project I did for a Baltimore Neighborhood looking to create a sign and brand for the community.

Add lots of details, color, text, etc. Fill the whole sketchbook page for each rough sketch. Turn your sketchbook into the teacher to get it reviewed.

  1. Discover: What is the creative problem?

Students will design litter and/or recycling signs for the Key Campus. They will research other schools and cities’ signage for litter and recycling.

Your Client wants the design to consider the following.

We are trying to develop a green ethic at the school and Live and Be more environmentally friendly it would be great to see words phrases in a colorful artistic fashion that make people think about these ideas. 
This can be action:

 – Keep our campus clean 

– Please pick up any trash you see- Please reduce your use of plastic 

– Please use reusable containers 

– Please say no to single-use plastic 
…or Quotes that help people think about green ideas. 

The sign size is 8×8 inches.

The sign will be printed on Metal.

The client wants a color scheme with an action slogan/text.

IN YOUR SKETCHBOOK, research a variety of school and city greening campaigns. Find three examples that inspire you. Write about what is interesting to you about the design and text. (Write 3-4 sentences for each image)

Step 2: Define

In this step of the creative process, students will narrow down what they feel is the top three designs. You would normal present the top three options to your client. They can choice from the top three designs.

You will create these top three designs in Illustrator. They can be rough.

This is example of designs made for Hollins Market’s Logo and branding.

In this step, students will explore the basics of Illustrator. Take a photo of your sketches, place them in a new illustrator artboard.

Use the pen, paintbrush, pathfinder, and shape tool to create the design roughes.

Now that you have created some roughs logo in illustrator. Students will submit their final logo after mid-critique and final edits.

Save image to your weebly as a jpeg.

Step 4: Artist’s Statement

Add you final logo image and statement to Weebly.