For this Project, you will create app icon and a homepage (basepage) for your idea.


We will look at the articles below to get some perspective on app design.

Discover and Define= You are designing an app for XYZ company (you decide the name).

What type of apps are you interested in? What do you want to design and why?

What will you app do?  Why is it important?  How is it different from apps on the market now?

Research apps based on your concept, and look at popular designs on the market now.

What are the colors and shapes you will use?

When you open the app what will the base page look like?

Who is your audience or user?

Will it be square or a circle app?

Sketch out your ideas in your sketchbook- Total of 5 ideas, and answer the questions above.

Cut out images of objects and ideas you are researching too.  Find the apps that you are referencing, print them out and label what you like and dislike about the app design.


Design- In photoshop and illustrator you will draw the rough idea for your concept.

In photoshop draw an app frame and find a phone image online with a blank background.

Define-Clear up your design and start to Create your base page.


DEPLOY- Critique and discussion

Answer the Artist Critique questions and full out the rubric

Artist Reflection Questions:
Describe and Interpret: In detail describe your app design and function. Who is your audience?  Why did you create the colors and shapes in the app.  What was your research or inspiration for this project?
Analyze:What Photoshop tools did you use? How did you use them? How did you apply the elements and principles of art?
Judgement: What did you find challenging about this project? What was your ah-ha moment during this project? Do you like your idea and design? Explain.