Class Portfolios

Students will keep a digital portfolio to keep a record of your progress and document your artwork digital. is a quick and easy platform to create a portfolio on a computer or ipad.

Starting a digital portfolio on Weebly.

Instructions for Weebly account setup or you can watch the two videos below. Both videos are good you pick which one is easier to follow for you learning.

Making a page and adding content.

  1. Make a Page for all your art classes. If there are default pages, delete them and make new ones.
  2. The top page will be your homepage. Label it home and make sure it has the house icon on it.
  3. The home page can designed to your own liking, but it needs to have all default filler boxes and images deleted.
  4. Change the header text box to your name art portfolio.
  5. Below the text header is the header layout. See the example below, the header layout is different for each page. You can change the background image and text. The text should be labeled with the class.
Change the header box for all the pages to your name art portfolio, see example above.

Adding content to your pages

  1. All projects will be added to the class pages in order of date assigned.
  2. The only way to be graded for your work is to have it on your Weebly with your artist statement. All projects will have a short artist statement that includes a description, analyze, interpretation, and judgment of your finished artwork.
  3. The project and statement will be added in this order: Project title, image (image gallery for a series), information label (title of art, medium, and date), and artist statement. Please, see the example below.

4. To save and share the updated page, click on the publish button on the top right corner. This will all the site to be updated and go public.

5. Make sure to share your portfolio links with your art teacher. Email your link to