Selfie Story Project

Based on “The Selfie Project”

my selfie project final

The Selfie Project by Michael Sacco at
Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School in Setauket, New York.

Objective: To create a layered self-portrait with a background theme of your interests.  Students will explore the history of the selfie in the art in order to create a personal self-portrait collage.  This project will be a review of the fundamentals of Photoshop.

Here are some photos of inspiration.

Step 1)Research/Brainstorming

In your 3 ring binder, you will answer the questions below.

What will your layered portrait look like?  What will be in the background as your 25 objects?  Why do artists create self-portraits?  What makes a portrait contemporary?

Create a mood board: Create a collage of your information and plan for this project.

Who are you?  What are your interests?  What do you want to communicate to others about yourself?  How will you photograph yourself?  How will you design your self-portrait?

Use images from the internet, magazines, or your images to create a mood board.

STEP 2) Taking your photos and editing them

Students will create a series of Selfies with a variety of location and lighting.  Then, they will take 25 photos of objects that mean something to them. The photo must be made with your photo or iPad.  You can use a selfie stick or tripod for the project, but you can not have some else hold the camera/iPad.  Plus, you must be able to push the shutter button.

  1. Take a series of selfies with face in focus, variety of angles, full face, half body, and different times of the day. (Take a least 5 photos)
  2. Send photos to your folder on the server.  Either email them or save them to the cloud.  Label the folder Selfies
  3. Take 25 photos of objects that mean something to you.  You must be able to support your images. Send and save to your folder.
  4. Open your folder in Lightroom. Copy the image We will learn some of the fundamentals of Lightroom:

Making a Contact Sheet in Lightroom:

5) Next, we will review our proof sheets, and review Photoshop tools in order to photomontage your images together.  Make sure to print out your contact sheets and turn them in for a grade.  Mark off your favorite 10 images.

6) To montage the images together, first, you will edit the images you uploaded to Lightroom.  Adjusting the exposure, color balance, and noise.

Step 3) Creating your background and self-portrait.

7) Open Photoshop and create a new canvas.  The canvas should be titled yourname_selfieproject, 300ppi, us letter size.

8) Go back to Lightroom, find the main selfie image. Right click on it-scroll down to edit in- Photoshop. Once you have the image open in Photoshop, use the selection tool to cut out the selfie and place on the project canvas.

9)Students will get a review on filters, opacity, and other basic editing tools in Photoshop.

If you need some review outside of class or forgot what we did in class, this video is very basic.

10) Once you have your selfie photomontage completed, students will save it as a tiff.

When you are finished with the Project…

Artist Reflection: Answer the following questions to reflect on your process. Please, copy and paste the questions below to a Word document, then type in your responses.

  1. Describe in detail what the viewer is seeing in the image. (pretend the viewer can’t see the image.)
  2. Analyze your art process:  What elements and principles of design did you use?  What techniques in Photoshop did you use to make the design have visual literacy?
  3. Interpretation of the Image: Who are you?  What do you like, and why?  What is the story of your image?
  4. Evaluation:  What do you think about the artwork?  What is successful in the image? What did you enjoy and learn from this project?  What were some challenges you had in the project?

Rubric of Selfie project