Elements of Art Sketchbook Project

In this project you will make a visual example page for each of the elements and principles of art. Students will make the pages based on the readings from Artforms textbook.

Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Value, and Color

Each page will include a title, definition, and visual examples see list below.

Line Page: Title, definition, 10 actual line examples, implied line (draw, print, or cut out image), and contour line.

Shape Page: Title, definition, 3 examples of geometric, 3 examples of organic, positive/negative shape Figure-ground reversal. Examples can be drawings, printed images, or cutout images from magazines. Also, include the three questions based on the Artsforms reading.

Form: Title, definition, example of a closed form, example of an open form, one geometric example, and one organic form example. Examples can be drawings, printed images, or cutout images from magazines.

Space Page: Title, definition, example of one-point perspective with boxes (see worksheet link and create in sketchbook), example of atmospheric perspective (see worksheet link and create in sketchbook), and example of overlapping of objects to show space. Space questions with reading.

Value Page: Title, definition, value scale with one color (or pencil), drawing with value (see worksheet link and copy).

Texture: Title, definition, example of implied texture, and example of actual texture.

Color: The sketchbook page must include Title, definition, color wheel with labeled color groups: Color wheel labelled with Primary, secondary, and intermediate color groups. Add the proper colors to the color schemes below in your sketchbook. Add the definition for each with the color example. Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, and Neutrals. Color Questions based on “Art in Focus” Reading.

Use this link to Elements of Art Slideshow. It will be used as our reading this project. . The slideshow is interactive and students will do this in steps. Teacher will guide you through the interactive slideshow.

This project will be graded once all the elements are completed. Click on Rubric to check work before you submit.

Below are student examples, don’t copy them but use them as a visual guide to help you create your original sketchbook page.