Pop Art Project

Marilyn, c.1967 (Hot Pink) Premium Giclee Print · Warhol, Andy 56 in. x 56 in.


Andy Warhol & POP ART Powerpoint

1) Find a high-quality portrait online or in your images.  Save to your class folder.

2) Watch the tutorial:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three

3) Open a new canvas in Photoshop, make it US letter size.

4) Copy and paste your photograph into the canvas.  Don’t place image or drag image directly onto the canvas.

5) Follow the steps in the tutorial and save your pop artwork in your student folder on the server.  Save as yourname_popart.psd

POP Art Steps part two

Artist Reflection for Pop Art project

Answer questions below in complete sentences. Each section should have 3-4 sentences, so take your time and discuss the details in your process. You will be graded on content and grammar.  Type in a Word document and then add to your Weebly site.

Describe: Who is your Celebrity? Explain in detail.

Interpret: Why did you choose this person? (Why is this person important or inspiring to you?)  How do they represent Pop culture today?

Analyze: What are your color schemes?  Discuss each section color scheme and explain how it fits into the pop art style?

Judgment: How do you feel about the work overall?  What did you learn in this project? What successes or failures did you face in creating it?