“Oh so Delicious” Candy and Cake Art Project

Pop Art 1950-1980’s – Art in America and United Kingdom after World War 2.

In the years following World War II, America enjoyed an unprecedented period of economic and political growth. Many middle class Americans moved to the suburbs, spurred by the availability of inexpensive, mass-produced homes. A new kind of music, rock and roll, burst into popular culture and became the soundtrack of teenage rebellion. Marilyn Monroe was a reigning film star, and television replaced radio as the dominant media outlet.

But by the late 1950s and early 1960s, a cultural revolution was underway, led by activists, thinkers, and artists who sought to change, and even overturn, what was, in their eyes, a stifling social order ruled by conformity. The Vietnam War incited mass protests, the Civil Rights Movement sought equality for African Americans, and the women’s liberation movement gained momentum.

Resource from MOMA https://www.moma.org/learn/moma_learning/themes/pop-art/

Step 1


Read and watch the below links. Answer the Google Classroom Assignments. Click on both buttons and complete the activity for each.

Step 2

Brainstorm and Sketch

For this project, you can find an image of your favorite sweet treat or take a photo of it. For this project, I went out to my favorite bakery and bought a cupcake. Photographing your treat at the perfect angle and lighting it key to get a more interesting composition. See my three examples below, which image is more visually appealing to you? Why?

Sketching out the dessert.

Students can free draw based on the photo or use the grid drawing technique to fill the whole paper.

Follow my video for sketching out your drawing. When the sketch is complete, take a photo and upload it your the sketch assignment on Google Classroom.

Creating a drawing video included grid and freestyle techniques.

Step 3

Adding color. This project can be the artist’s choice in mediums to add color. Color pencils, markers, paint, or collage can be used as well as it can be a mixed media project too.

Step 4

Add to your weebly site with a statement. Click on the button to get instruction to the statement.