Cubism Still Life

Example of Finished Cubism Project artwork.

Objective: Students will create a still life based on the cubism and expressionism art styles.

The finished project must include a color scheme, overlapping of shapes, value, and the image must fill the page.

Art in the 20th Century: Expressionism, Cubism, and Futurist.

Click on the orange link for the powerpoint. Here is the PDF Art in the 20th Century.

Questions for the Art in the 20th Century. Copy and Paste into a google document and share it with me in your Art 1 folder.

Notes from Reading about the two types of Cubism.

Project: Creating a cubist style still-life

Step 1: Find something that you like to draw, like about geometric and organic shapes. Take a photo of it or draw it in person.

My example of a still life.

Step 2: Drawing your image. Start with drawing a contour line drawing of the object. Then, draw the still life again larger and overlapping on the first drawing. Next, drawing the still life at least two more times either enlarging or making it smaller each time. Just make sure it is overlapping on the other drawings. Watch my video below for more details.

Drawing the still life in the cubist style.

Step 3: Adding color, value, variety or unity. Using color pencils, pick a color scheme that you want to apply throughout the artwork. For example, I am using Blue, blue-violet, violet, red-violet, red, and red-orange. These groups are considered Analogous colors.

Watch the whole video to the end. There is a discussion on writing an artist statement.

Step 4: Sign your name and make an artist statement. Take a photo of your finished work and place it on your weebly site. Also, write an artist statement that follows the DAIJ Describe, Analyze, Interpretation, and Judgment.)