Contour Line Drawing

Artwork by Camryn Russell

Slideshow for Contour Line Drawing

Project Requirements:

Create 6 contour line drawings with value:

  • Still object in the room- Hatching Value with Ebony Pencil
  • Something from Nature-Crossing-Hatching Value with Pencil
  • Hand holding something- artist choice mark value and your choice of medium
  • 2-drawings with your hand making your initials in sign language.- smudging with charcoal
  • Something in your pocket or backpack (it must be a form)- stippling with ink

After drawing are completed:

Students will create a background that is collaged with paper. The design for the background must follow two principles of art. This will be based on the readings from the textbook.

Please Read:

Ed. 11 Ch.3  p.58-63

Ed. 10  Ch. 3  p.42-47

Ed. 8  Ch. 3  p. 61-68