Between Two Wars: DADA to Harlem Renaissance

Between the time of 1920-1940’s the world was changing due to many factors: economic, war, technology and human rights. Dada, Surrealism, and the Harlem Renaissance art movements expressed a lot of the change and mindsets of the time.

Step 1: Research

In this project, you will watch and read over the three art movements.

Slide Show Reading form DADA, Surrealism, and Harlem Renaissance.

To access the questions go to google classroom.

Step 2: Plan and Problem Solve

Materials: Sketchbook, pencil, eraser, and phone camera.

Create a rough idea for your collage, that is inspired by the Dada, Surrealism, and Harlem Renaissance. To make your collage based on Dada, Surrealism, and Harlem Renaissance, students will need to really looks at the Artists Examples in the slideshow. In your sketchbook, draw a quick contour line drawing and take a photo of it. Then, share it with me on google classroom under “rough sketch idea for collage”

The Poetry Foundation- Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

What will be your inspiration for your collage? Will you get inspiration from our current news, personal experience or dream, a song, poem, or a book?

Rough Idea Drawing for my collage.

My inspiration for the collage came from a poem by Georgia Douglas Johnson “The Heart of a Woman.”

Step 3: Creating a Collage

Materials: Sketchbook, scissors, ruler, markers, pens, pencils, color paper, magazine, newspaper, ink drawings, fabric, computer images, and more.

The collage is an example of building up the composition, like with synthetic cubism, later artists in Dada and Surrealism used the technique too. When creating the collage, students can use a mixture of materials, for example color paper, magazine, newspaper, ink drawings, fabric, computer images, and more.

Here are some examples of interesting collages that may inspire your work.

In your sketchbook, on a clear sheet of paper free of any other drawings or sketches, students will create a unique collage based on the three art movements above. Fill the whole sheet of 9×12 paper.

Instruction video of Teacher creating collage.

If you need so guidance in creating your collage.

Step 4: Document Process

Take a photo of your artwork and share on your weebly.