Byzantine and Middle Ages Bug Drawings

Student Examples

This is a colored pencil design drawing using composition, shading, and color.

Kehinde Wiley’s portraiture is the basis for this assignment. Composition, color combinations and patterns will be used to create this work.

  1. Using a piece of scrap paper, practice using the colored pencils by layering colors and pushing hard enough to get a solid strong color.
  • Choose an insect, no butterflies or moths. Make sure you have a photo of the insect that is clear and you can see the whole insect.
  • Plan your drawing. Do several thumbnails placing the insect in different positions and designing the pattern that will be in the background. (5 thumbnails in sketchbook)
  • Using a pencil, sketch the insect and designs lightly on your finial paper, 11×14 Bristol board.
  • Begin shading with colored pencil, layering colors results in totally different colors.
  • The whole paper should be colored.

An excellent drawing will show the insect in an interesting way, will be totally colored with strong smooth colors. The design on the background will complement the patterns on the insect.

Kehinde Wiley

Video on Kehinde Wiley Artwork

Powerpoint of Kehinde Wiley work

Rubric for Project